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North County Dog Training believes in getting involved in the local dog community and in the countrywide effort to rehome shelter dogs. To that end, we have helped to save dogs from local shelters (you can see available and adopted dogs on our rescue dogs page). We also use our graphic skills in order to create flyers for rescue foundations. We will be working with local rescues manning their rescue events whenever possible and are offering free programs to local schools and businesses to raise the awareness of how to interact with dogs, as well as how to work towards keeping our shelters empty. If you would like see if we can help you, please 'contact us' and let us know what you need.
These are just a few of the graphics designs we have done free of charge.
We provided transportation for a dog owner that lost her home in an accidental fire. One of her two dogs was badly burned in the fire and was receiving medical treatment at Shadowridge Vet in Vista. The vet's office was about thirty miles from where the owner was staying in a hotel. We provided transportation once or twice a week free of charge for the duration of the dog's stay at the vet (about three months).
Coming home from a late night training/instructional session, we came upon a Rotweiler mix in the road. She came out of nowhere and we had to dodge her. She ran over and jumped on the side of our vehicle. We pulled off the road and she followed us. We got out and checked her over. She was older (about eight we guessed). She either had hip displaysia or she had a run in with another vehicle that didn't miss her. She was moving and putting weight on both legs though obviously painfully so. She was very sweet and very scared. We called the local animal control and had them come out to scan her for a microchip. They finally arrived at two am (we were there for about three and a half hours with her). When they scanned her, they found she had a current microchip and that she was about ten miles from her home. We allowed animal control to take her since her owners were accessible and she was returned to them when they came to get her.
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These puppies came to me at a week old and had pneumonia and kennel cough. It was a very hard road for them and two of them didn't make it. I tube fed and did subq fluids as well as taking them for daily breathing treatements. These babies very definitely cheated death and became gorgeous, gregareous, healthy babies as you can see in the second picture. At about fourteen weeks of age, all the puppies left in three different trips to head towards the East. Charlie, (The furthest to the right) is traveling the roadways with a trucker from Operation Roger. Linus (The one nearest my tummy) lives with one of the coordinators of Operation Roger. Dot Girl in the very front was adopted by a wonderful family that fell in love with her. Lucy, who is right in front of Charlie is in her forever home in Mass. Snoopy, the long legged cutie next to Dot Girl is still looking for her forever home in Mass. She is a major lover and would love to be your lap dog.