I have been training dogs (and other animals) since I was a child. I have trained countless different breeds in a large variety of commands. I bred, trained and showed German Shephered Dogs many years ago, as well as training other breeds for show. I have also done training for mobility and hearing service dogs. I have rescued countless dogs, cats and other animals off the streets and rehabilitated them before placing them in loving forever homes. Through this lifetime of training and rehabilitation experience, I have had the opportunity to watch animal behavior under the best and worst conditions. I learned first hand from the most knowedgeable of teachers (the animals themselves) what makes them tick. I also believe in the continued education of not only the owner and the dog, but of the trainer as well. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through The Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers and carry the title CPDT-KA, I also have a professional dog trainer certification through the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors. I have dedicated a page to awards, certificates and licenses as well as continuing trainer education information.

I have taken a wild mustang that wanted to bite or kick me (anything to make me go away) and turned her into a horse that is so sociable, she greets everyone that visits her with an inquizitive nose and a mischevious eye.

I am constantly working with rescues in order to help those animals that have found themselves in shelters or other bad situations. I also give free classes to schools and clubs regarding reading dog body language. These classes are designed to help both children and adults avoid being bitten by understanding what the dog is trying to say.

I have a very well developed love and affinity for animals and they are able to pick up on that. They tend to trust me and are able to learn from me because I know how to motivate them. With that said, I don't train your dog for you (unless you specifically hire me to do so). I teach you how to train your dog and demonstrate. Through my working with you and your dog together, you not only end up with a well trained dog (that responds to you and not just the trainer), you also have the training skills you need to continue on to bigger, better things should you decide you would like to! My clients are very important to me, both four legged and two legged. Their happiness and emotional ease is an important facet to a positive training experience. This is why I make the training light hearted and fun. Let me create a wonderful learning experience for both you and your furry family member.
Veterinrian Recommended
Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed CPDT-KA
North County Dog Training approved CGC Canine Good Citizen evaluator
North County Dog Training approved S.T.A.R. STAR Puppy trainer evaluator
Approved APDT C.L.A.S.S. CLASS Instructor
Wesley relaxing on my lap after being invited up
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Olivia is a rescue I have trained in basic commands for Shorty's (The Pit Boss) Rescue.
Olivia is now with a foster and is ready for her forever home.
A talk with the staff of a veterinary clinic
If you look very close, you will see a black lab laying in front of this class. This is from one of my school talks I give free of charge.