Sasha (brown female) and Sage (black male) were listed as feral and were set to be Euthanized at the Downey Shelter. I picked them up and drove them up to Stockton in Northern California to Pups Rescue. When I picked them up they were timid/scared but certainly not feral. Both Sasha and Sage now have their forever homes. This picture is of Sasha, If I ever get a picture of Sage again, I will post that one as well.
We have been involved in many rescues throughout the years and unfortunately didn't get many pictures. We have rescued, rehabbed and rehomed inumerable dogs, cats, birds and even reptiles. Below you will find pictures of some of the dogs we have been involved with saving. If you are a rescue and you need help, please contact us at 858 353 4900 or send us an email at
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This is a little Chihuahua/Dachsund mom and couple day old babies that I picked up in Moreno Valley and drove down to her foster in the Del Mar area. These babies moved to another rescue and all have been adopted into their forever homes.
This is Honeybear, he was turned in while I was at the shelter rescuing other dogs. I just couldn't leave him there to die. With the help of the puller and a foster, we rescued Honeybear who is now known as Mason and is in his forever home with multiple other Pittys.
This is Mozart. His shelter name was Trooper and I'm sure he was one. This first picture is of Mozart while at the shelter looking for a home. The second and third pictures are of Mozart free from the shelter and enjoying his foster home. Mozart moved to his forever home in Virginia
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The first picture is of Buddy when he got in the car in preparation for leaving the shelter. The second pictures is of my hubby and I at our drop off point. He is being fostered for a while and then will be taking his final trip to Colorado where his rescue and adoptive family await him. Buddy was very scared when we picked him up and showed plenty of signs of anxiety but through it all he was a perfect gentleman. He's very laid back, gets along with other dogs and even cats and ducks. We wish Buddy a wonderful rest of his life.
This is sweet Olivia. When she got to Shadowridge Vet in Vista, CA. She showed signs of being hit by a car and dragged. She has been healing wonderfully from her injuries and is a wonderfully gregarious girl. We have taken on training this girl while she waits for her forever home. She is very loving and enjoys sitting or laying on your lap. She has learned 'sit', 'down', working on 'roll over', and loose leash walking. Loose leash walking has been a hard concept for her because she has so much energy. This girl was rescued from the needle on the day that she was to die by Shorty (Pit Boss). You can follow her progress through our facebook page (North County Dog Training) as I post there every time I work with her. You can also see our videos on YouTube just look up NorthCountyDogTrain Here is the latest video of Olivia Loose Leash Walking
This is Ben. A rescue organization called me in a panic because this dog was going to be put down that day if not picked up by three pm. I rearranged my training schedule and drove two hundred miles to get this fellow and take him to the vet. It took about four hours to complete the task and Ben walked out the front door about fifteen minutes before his deadline. I gave him the name Ben because he reminds me of Gentle Ben in the movies. This fellow is a great big love muffin. He dove head first into my lap when he realized he was safe. This is a sweet, fun loving fellow that rides great in the car. He will be looking for a loving, permanent home when he is released from the vets office. Ben has a new furever home! His name is now Bubba!
This is Callie, my husband and I picked her up in San Bernardino and delivered her to her foster/transporter in Chula Vista. Her foster/transporter works for Southwest Airlines so Callie got an airline trip to her forever home. We were told that Callie was a fear biter but she did fantastic with us, she rode the whole way in my husbands arms! Have a wonderful, happy life Callie!
I got an emergency call one night, followed by the delivery of seven puppies at 12:30 am that same night. These puppies were a week old and suffering from kennel cough and pneumonia. Two of the puppies were too weak to make it. The other five
stayed with me for over thirteen weeks. I tube fed them, gave them sub-q fluids, brought them in daily for breathing treatments, etc. After three weeks, the puppies began recovering and growing. They got more active and began eating loads of wet food. They grew quickly and became
Very active. They started their potty training and by the time they left, they were pottying outside very regularly. Spot Dot (she had a perfect spot on the back of her neck) was adopted by a lovely family that named her Lily. Linus was adopted by one of the women that run 'Operation Roger' and Charlie was adopted by one of the truckers that move animals throughout the US for rescue. Snoopy and Lucy were transferred to Pitty Love by the original rescue and are available through them. They are on the East Coast waiting for their forever homes. Snoopy and Lucy are very interactive, very loving puppies and I know they will make wonderful companions for their adopters. This was a VERY hard foster, requiring me to get extremely little sleep. It was emotionally devistating at times and emotionally rewarding at others. I wish my whole family of puppies a wonderful rest of their lives.