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Hondo and I giving one of our Service Dog demonstrations at an elementary school
Enjoying the trust and companionship of a foal
Firefly, the formerly wild mustang completely at ease
Giving a Service Dog talk at a Junior High School while introducing the kids to a puppy in service dog training.
I have known Shelley for probably fifteen years, she is a person of integrity that has a lifelong love of animals. I have watched her work with animals and have been impressed by her abilities to communicate to them what she wants them to do. Any time I have a question regarding animals be it training, feeding or general health, she is normally the first person I contact. Her advice is always sound and well thought out. If you're looking for a professional trainer with compassion for animals look no further. Shelley will treat both you and your pet as like family.

Jim Deckert
As a teacher, I have had Shelley give talks and demonstrations for my class each year. I was impressed by the abilities of the dog she used in the demonstration, he was obviously a very talented service dog. Each year my students looked forward to and enjoyed the talk and demonstration. We even had other teachers and classes joining us after they heard about it. Shelley is a very knowledgeable trainer, she was able to answer all of the questions from the class, as well as demonstrate some of her training methods. If I hadn't moved to another state, I would still be inviting her to talk every year.

Colleen Lawrence
I highly recommend Shelley and her dog training talents. She not only represents herself professionally, she is very personable and relates to dogs with amazing dexterity. I have taken the CGC Test with her as the Evaluator and she provided the ring, paperwork, and registration/tags information and made our group event fantastic. She readily provided training knowledge and expertise to those who had questions and my group can't thank her enough! We are looking forward to our next event with NCDT!

Tori of San Diego Dog Walkers Meet Up
Private session client...

Bruno did very well today around town today, although he did whine a bit when I made him wait outside a store for me. He is so obedient though, and although he whined, he did not come in until I released him, and then he came prancing in with big happy gallops. The owner of the store said " I am so glad people adopt pit bulls and take the time to train them properly" Bruno was allowed to hang out inside the record store with me after she saw how well behaved he is. so proud of him. Thank you for all you've done! he is truly the best dog in my eyes.
I got him a big bucket of liver treats ;-)

see you on Monday.
Shelly! I had to share this because I am still amazed! Just took Apache for his evening walk and your training from earlier was seriously magic! He did not pull at all, sat at every corner and waited for the release command! There were dogs all over barking and he did not even pull then! He went from being such a strong and stubborn puller to being so obedient and wonderful all in one day. I felt so proud to walk such a well behaved dog. Cannot thank you enough. You have truly found your calling ;)

As posted on Yelp

Shelly has an incredible way with animals! She worked with me and my one year old malamute. Within the first 5 minutes I saw an outstanding difference in my dog. He was listening and obeying her every command (even without a treat in her hands!) I saw exactly what I wanted to see in my dog while she was working with him. She gave me amazing information and tips on every question and concern I had, and had a solution to everything! After our first session, I saw incredible improvements in my dog's behavior.

Not only is Shelly an amazing trainer, but she is all around fun to be around!

(Apache is a beautiful year old malamute who is very talkative and very interactive. This is a message his mom wrote to me the evening following his first training session).
I must mention first and foremost that before Shelley entered our lives, we lived in fear that our dog would bite anyone who walked into our home, crossed us as we took our walk, or approached him to meet him. He has nipped numerous people before; two of them being our own children. We were just about to give him back to the breeder because he was that unpredictable and that much of a threat to anyone around him. As a last resort, we decided as a family to reach out to a trainer. I contacted many. Some never replied. Others I was not comfortable dealing with. Good things come to those who wait because Shelley is who we have been waiting for. We have only met with her twice - the first time for an evaluation and the second for our dog's first training session. We are looking for the next sessions!

For the first time in four years, I am confident that with lots of effort and patience on our part, Shelley can transform our dog into a well-behaved and sociable dog. Shelley gives us that confidence because I saw what she was able to do in the short amount of time that we've worked together. I cannot thank her enough for bringing new hope to my family for the rehabilitation of our dog. She goes above and beyond her call of duty and never ever makes me feel like she's in it for anything other than the welfare of our family - yes, the family and not just the dog.

Shelley is the best there is. If you are looking for a trainer, this should be the only call you make.
As posted on Yelp:

We recently rescued a beautiful Pit Bull Terrier who is incredibly friendly but also very energetic and at times rambunctious. People often react to him because of his breed and what he represents in their minds. We decided to get the CGC certificate in order to change people's minds and even to train him to be a therapy dog. Shelley has helped me tremendously to understand my dogs body language better and to improve his behavior. After only a couple sessions our dog Bruno learned to wait at the door instead of storming out, as he usually did and to not pull on his leash. The best part is that she only used positive enforcement, so every session was fun for everyone. I love it when people comment on Bruno's good behavior and ask how I did it. Shelley has helped us bring out the best in our pup, we are so happy we found her. Not only is she passionate and an expert in her field but a voice for all sentient beings who only wish humans understood them.
I have told all my friends with dogs about Shelley, its amazing how a little training can make the bond between you and your pet stronger.
I look forward continuing education with her. Our whole family is so appreciative.
Can't thank her enough.

Wendy F.
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